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Who we are

REFRAMED helps Italian citizens relocate, open new businesses and find a job abroad.

REFRAMED: everyone can change their life, at any age.


REFRAMED helps Italian citizens relocate abroad. Our company was born with the mission of giving its clients a new life perspective, supporting them through a step by step approach, from choosing the destination and renting a property, to the paperwork necessary to reside in a new foreign state. The goal is for a person, a couple, an entrepreneur or a family successfully to be reframed in a new context of life.

We combine very different qualities and skills within our team, giving value to the psychological, cultural and emotional aspects involved in the relocation to fully understand why our clients want to live abroad and what they are looking for.


We take care of all the paperwork required for residency, real estate research (renting / buying a house) and every little detail involved in a relocation alone or with the family. We also provide fiscal and legal advice for our clients before, during and after their relocation.


In terms of job research, we work together with the client in order to get to know their salary expectations, start date, which type of contract they’re ready to accept (seasonal, long-term), etc. After that we can contact our extensive network of recruiters all over as well as outside of the European Union, explore several markets and find the most interesting job opportunities for each candidate. Write us at


You can meet us in our offices in the historic center of Cittadella (PD). Contact us to schedule a meeting with us:


Cittadella Centro Storico

Cittadella historic center