Transfer your tax residence to Greece

REFRAMED takes care about all the paperwork required for tax residence, real estate research (renting/buying a house) and every little detail involved in a relocation alone or with the family.

Transfer your tax residence to Greece

That recently approved law, in force since July 31 2020, provides that pensioners who transfer their tax residence to Greece will benefit from a flat tax of 7% for 15 years.


Retire in Greece and apply by March 31!

There is no “retirement visa” in Greece. The 7% flat tax rate is a tax program for foreign pensioners who decide to live in Greece. You may or may not be an EU-citizen. You can just rent or buy a house and take advantage of this program.
The application has to be submitted to the Tax Office for non-residents by March 31 of the year in question;

This new form of tax law is not entirely original. Canary Islands, Portugal, Cyprus, Croatia, just to name a few, have similar tax schemes for retirees.


pensione in Grecia 7%

Retiring in Greece


Who Can Qualify For This Program

Here are the eligibility criteria that will apply for pensioners from abroad to secure tax residence in Greece with a flat income tax rate of 7% for the next 15 years:

  • Original tax residence abroad (at least 5 years within the last 6 years before the transfer of the main residence to Greece);
  • Transfer of tax residence to Greece;
  • Proof that you are a pensioner;
  • Agreement to avoid double taxation between your country of origin and Greece. A Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) is a tax treaty signed between two countries to prevent taxation on the same income in both countries.

If you want to understand how you can benefit from the 7% flat tax in Greece you can write us for your qualified advice in individual cases.


pensionati in Grecia



How to relocate to Greece

REFRAMED can help you transfer your tax residence to Greece.
We take care about all the paperwork required for residence, real estate research (renting/buying a house) and every little detail involved in a relocation alone or with the family.
We provide also tax and legal advisory for our clients before, during and after relocation.

If you want to understand how you can benefit from the 7% flat tax in Greece you can write us for your qualified advice in individual cases.


vivere da pensionato in Grecia



Can non-EU citizens benefit from the new tax law?

Yes, there is an opportunity for non-EU citizens as well. If you are a non-EU citizen you can make use of your Greece Golden Visa to benefit from the 7% flat tax when you retire in Greece. The reason is that the Golden Visa will open the way for you to move your tax residence to Greece. After you invest in the country and get your residence permit via Golden Visa, you can stay in the country as a resident.

In this sense, it is similar to the NHR (Non-Habitual Residency) program in Portugal. NHR is also available only for EU/Swiss citizens. However, as a non-EU citizen, after you obtain your Portugal Golden Visa, you can become a tax resident in Portugal. You can do this by staying there for 183 days each year. After this, you can benefit from the NHR. NHR is valid for 10 years. Under the NHR regime, most of your foreign source income is exempt from taxation. You also enjoy generous tax exemptions if your job is one of the “high-added-value” professions.

REFRAMED can help you get the Golden Visa and relocate your tax residence to Greece or Portugal as well.



Where to live in Greece

The most interesting places to live in Greece

If you are thinking of moving to Greece, it is important to evaluate which is the location that can really offer you what you are looking for: find out the differences between the different areas.


Attica region, Athens and its surroundings: dream beaches and high-quality services

Attica is an administrative region that includes the capital Athens. It has a population of more than 4 million, 98% located in Athens city, and it’s 3,800 square kilometers wide. This region is among the most requested by European pensioners who are considering moving to Greece.


Peloponnese: sea, culture, services

It includes Ermioni, Porto Heli, the Messinia region with the beautiful city of Kalamata and Mani peninsula for lovers of relax, authentic Greece and all the shades of blue.


Mani in Peloponneso

Mani, Peloponnese


Corfu Island

The Island of Corfu is part of northern Greece and is close to Italy reachable by ferry or you can reach mainland Europe in a few hours by plane! Corfu has its own international airport, attracts thousands of travelers each year, and contains one of the largest and strongest expat communities in Greece.
This island has a strategic position and it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful with its beaches, towns, mountains and easy-going locals.


Crete Island

The largest island in Greece, fascinating and versatile, touristy and wild: a perfect destination for those who don’t want to miss anything. Dream beaches are a must!


Santorini Island

A truly special place for those who love a quiet life, good food, the colors of the sunset and a dizzying sea.



pensione in Grecia

Retire in Greece


How to find a house and transfer your tax residence to Greece

Let’s start organizing your trip: a week (or more) full immersion, entirely dedicated to getting to know the location and looking for your ideal house in Greece.

REFRAMED trips are tailor-made. A team of professionals will follow you and support you step by step in the realization of your relocation project.

We organize everything: flight tickets, accommodation (hotel, apartment, guesthouse), tour guides, real estate professionals and lawyers on site. Contact us for a quotation. We need just those info:

  • Preferred week to travel;
  • Preferred location to visit in Portugal (even more than one);
  • Number of travelers;
  • Departure airport.

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